Saturday, July 31, 2010

"With Musical Eyes"

By: Noor Awan

Family is a group of people who live together and share their problems with each other. A family is made of love and trust. If any one person of the family goes anywhere for a long time, then all of the family members are very sad and wish for her or him to come back soon. Same is true with my family. I have six family members except me: my father, my mother, and four siblings.

My father is a very generous man. He is a regional manager in Utility Stores Corporation in Abbottabad. He always takes care of his children and helps others. He is a very loving father who never differed between his children. For example, he is always fair with us and treats us all equally. My father also takes good care of my mother.

My mother is a housewife and takes care of her children. A mother is the most important member of the family because without a mother, a family is colorless. Whenever I am sad or crying, my mother consoles me. My mother also never differed between her children.

I have four siblings in total— three sisters and one brother. My eldest sister is doing Masters in Psychology from the Women Medical College (WMC). My second eldest sister is doing B.B.A. from Comsats University. My brother is a student of grade 12 at Abbottabad Public School (APS). My younger sister is a student of 7th grade.

I am a girl of grade 9th. I was born in Abbottabad. I study in a private school named the Al-Imtiaz Academy. I have many friends with whom I share my feelings. My hobby is interior designing. In my leisure time, I listen to Hindi songs. My favorite song is “Suriley akheon walay” (“With musical eyes”). After completing my F.Sc. (equivalent to the U.S. high school diploma), I want to do M.B.B.S. (bachelor’s degree to become a doctor). My family inspires me to become a doctor by always encouraging me to work hard. I want to achieve my family’s prayers in my lifetime.

My family is like a bunch of flowers; if any one flower is plucked then the whole bunch is disturbed. I love my family and I will never allow anyone to pluck even one member.

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