Thursday, July 29, 2010

"What are you talking about?"

By: Omama Siddiqui

Whoo....making a great noise, I fall down from the bed. At that time, a door opened and a strange thing came in the room with a newspaper in his hand. I looked at both of the strange things that made me so afraid that I almost died. Then a quick thought came to my mind: I had traveled in time machine. As the thought came, I felt so happy as if I had won a golden medal. I took the newspaper from the robot’s hand and went downstairs.

On my way down the stairs, I heard a little girl calling, "Mom, Mom!’’ At first I was shocked. Then I wondered if I was married. How could that be possible, though? I ignored the noise, and continued walking down the stairs. As I entered the living room, I caught myself in the mirror. Ahhhhh! I was shocked because I looked 50-53 years old!

Before my shock was finished, the same girl came to me and said, “Come quickly, Mom. We are both getting late.”

I responded, “What are you talking about?''

''Mom! You are a professor and now you are getting late for your class,’’ she said.

It took me a moment to understand what she was talking about. I hurriedly ate my breakfast which was already made by a robot. After having my breakfast, I quickly rushed out of the house and started my car. When I started my car, it started flying in the air. Then I dropped the girl, who was apparently my daughter, at her school. I was amazed to see her stepping on puffy air because her school was located on a cloud far away from the ground. While I was driving the car, I felt like a bird.

After taking my class, I went to my home. On my way to home, I saw many skyscrapers which were talking with the sky. I thought to myself: “Wow, Pakistan has done great development in 2050.” Now, Pakistan is more developed than it was in 2010. In 2050, cars and scooters were flying in the air. The number of robots was greater than humans (uh-oh!). In hospitals, banks, factories, shops—everywhere!—robots were handling all the operations. Our job was only to give them orders. Our life in 2050 permitted us to only sleep, eat and enjoy the goodness produced by robots. Is that life pleasant?

But in spite of it, the terrorism was ousted out of Pakistan and I thought that it was the greatest achievement of the nation. Poverty no longer existed in the world and whole world enjoyed the fragrance of prosperity. The government took many serious steps against its enemies, which is why all the people lived happily under the presidency of an intelligent robot. Yes, it was true, our president in 2050 was a robot having a brilliant mind and he was not controlled by a man. The intelligence of a robot reminded me of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan. Our robot president took many steps for the education of its people. As a result of all his hard work, the literacy rate in Pakistan boosted tremendously.

The whole world progressed a lot, not just Pakistan. I was very amazed to see all the wonderful technologies being invented. In 2010, we get our news from newspapers, television, radio, and the computer (using the Internet). But in 2050, I was amazed when the news about the whole world is displayed on large T.V. screens hanging from the sky. The flying cars and buses were driven by solar energy. Very advanced warships and weapons were made by the talented scientists and by robots. But the problem was, in 2050 man became so dependent upon robots that they acted like babies. The new technologies in 2050 not only made a man’s life easier but also made him more dependent upon robots.

In spite of this disadvantage, my journey in 2050 through the time machine was very beautiful and charming. I felt the fragrance of prosperity and also the sour taste of too much use of new technologies. The buildings were talking with the sky. Pakistan was a very developed place—just like in my dreams in 2010.

Have you ever experienced traveling in a time machine? If not, please at least imagine it—it is a wonderful journey.