Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Best Friends

By: Abeer Awan

I have visited many cities and in each of them, I have made friends: Iqra, Fatiha, and Fatima. Friends never grow apart—they are relief for us when we are in pain, light for us during dark times, and joy for us when we are gloomy.

Iqra is my best friend despite the fact that I left Hyderabad four years ago. Regardless of the distance, we are still in contact. We call each other at least two days a week. She has many qualities that I admire about her; she is faithful, brave, honest, and punctual. Our friendship is truly deep. I hope our friendship will never be end.

I have learned a lot from Fatiha and adopted many of her habits. She is punctual, hardworking, intellectual, honest and kindhearted. She is also very caring; she likes to give money or food to poor whenever possible. She is also very naughty. She is my best friend in Abbottabad. Her date of birth is 6th November. May God bless Fatiha forever.

The quality that I like the most in Fatima is that she is very religious; she has memorized Quran and she prays five times a day. Her star is Pisces and her date of birth is 9th March .She is my cousin and she is younger than me, but still she is my best friend. She is in Islamabad and now she is in Saudi Arabia.

In my life, I have been blessed with three best friends. In a nutshell, friends are the sweetest fruits for us when our life becomes fruitless. But it is important to remember that not all friends are sweet. I like my best friends very much. May God bless my friends forever.

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