Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Dream World

By: Mahnoor

Did you ever get a chance to travel in a time machine? Well, I hope you will some day.

Beep Beep! My uncle’s car came into our house. He invited all of us for a long drive, so we decided to go with him. He stopped somewhere, and everyone got out of the car except me because I had a bit of a pain in my legs. During the absence of all family members, I started to press some buttons. There was a big, red, shiny button hiding like the sun hiding in clouds. When I pressed that button, I became unconscious.

When I opened my eyes, I was flying in a sweet, beautiful, small baby car with a robot but the car was moving by itself. At one place, the car stopped. The robot and I came out of it and stepped on a cloud. HOOH! I was totally amazed to see this.

“My house is on a cloud?” I asked myself in disbelief. “I must be in a different world.”

It was so incredible! There were machines everywhere; and they were doing their work with great perfection. As if I were a child, I took some time to absorb what I saw. As soon as I accepted this new environment, I asked one of my robots, Jasmine, about the schools. She told me that all I had to do was give orders to her and she would teach me.

Obviously, change in everything causes change in world. The changed world is amazing—sometimes. Imagine a world with a trillion robots, tall buildings, houses in the clouds, people civilized in every aspect; but there is no use of man in any field. Every field is filled with machines and robots. Any thing the people want, they simply gain by giving orders. Meaning of every word is changed. Everyone is successful in this new world. This world is ideal because poverty and terrorism are nowhere to be found. Everything is going on peacefully. But change in every word had caused great destruction because the meaning of marriage or having child became totally forgettable by the human race. No one wants to be married or if (unluckily) someone got married they would just adopted a robot child. Mankind was not increasing. And with halt in the human population, how would life be possible on Earth?

But in this cool world, technologies were more advanced and more things were invented. Pakistan was totally changed and became a developed country. Most amazingly, the president of Pakistan was a robot having full brain equal to the most intelligent person in the world. Even manual labor in Pakistan changed to machine labor because of the change in science and technology. But one change did not occur even with advance in technology: mankind remained the same throughout the world to the Day of Justice because our Creator will be the same.

With change in everything, the world is changed but we see a dead end everywhere. All work is done by machines, so why are we created? Just to rest, pray and eat?

There is a famous saying: “An idle man’s brain is a devil’s work shop.”
So, becoming a friend of a devil, why can’t we work for ourselves and others? Bringing change in technology is great but making a change in our mind of just sitting idle is awful.

Do we want to be the devil’s friend?

Think about this because thinking is the sign of intelligent persons.

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