Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Red Button

By Mahad Ali

People say that there's no such thing as a time machine. Well, I think it can be invented because nothing is impossible. A time machine is a device which actually transports one person to his past or future—or so I heard. Traveling in a time machine can make you go anywhere. Going to your past or future can greatly affect the environment. If you have ever traveled to your future, you would know that the whole world is a changed and developed place. You are changed, your duties, your profession, your dressing, your style and even thinking is changed. The place in which you lived in your past is totally a whole new dimension; perhaps your past home is even vanished in your future. The scientists are making robots now to make human life easier. In future, I think no one will use their own energies to gain something. Everything will be robotic and computerized. Let me tell you a story of mine, a story of when I traveled a time machine.

I have just traveled in a time machine. Now I'm in the year 2050. My transformation was very frightening. When I was called upon to be experimented by a secret scientist, Dr. Gilbert, who invented the time machine, I was really excited. The success of his experiment depended on me, but as a test subject, I was very afraid to enter the time machine.

Before entering the time machine, I asked Dr. Gilbert, "If once I've traveled, how would I get back to the present?"

Dr. Gilbert, with a smirk on his face, replied, "Here you go, take this bracelet and if you wanna get back, just press the button. But I'm sure you'll never wish to come back."

I took the bracelet which had a single, red button on its top. I quickly tied it on my wrist. At that time, I had a thought—something is better than nothing. As soon as I put the bracelet on, I was a little less scared so I jumped in the time machine.

After I entered the device, the inventor made some measurements with the door and then set the machine to the year 2050.There was a huge plug to the right of the device. As Dr. Gilbert shut it downwards, it made a squeaky noise. I was now even more excited and suddenly had a thought about this great invention: If one can do it, you too can do it... if none can do it you, you must do it. And thus there was a loud BANG!

I was standing in the middle of somewhere I couldn't recognize but I knew it was year 2050.

In year 2050, first of all I looked down at the road. The road was actually a glass mirror in which I could clearly see my reflection. I was an adult of old age, my whole fashion was different. My collars were very long and stylish; I was wearing a blue suit which was very skinny; there was a metallic belt around my waist; my shoes were also very skinny and made up of rubber. When I looked up, I saw a huge and tall buildings, network of glass road, no subways and ground trains but instead channels of railway tracks, no trees and no airplanes.There were very few humans outside and almost everything was controlled by robots.

As I began walking down the road, it seemed familiar to me. I reached my home and saw it was all made up of steel and lights were all over it. When I walked in, I met some new people. I didn't recognize them at first but after having a few conversations, I learned that these strange people were my grandsons, and that my profession was teaching. I was astonished to see my grandsons in my own future.

The world was a changed place. The roads, the buildings, the structures, the people—everything!—seemed like a dream! I could not believe all this was happening in Pakistan. So much had changed that as a Pakistani, I did not know much about my nation or what was happening in it. I decided to inquire about it. I walked to a school nearby for some information about Pakistan. As I walked in, there were many students. I raised my voice and called to them but my voice was like a cry in the wilderness; no one heard me. I took a few steps back and came out of the school.

"What a hard nut to crack but I will not stop because I know knowledge is power," I said to myself.

I started asking people on the road. After I got acquainted with a few people, I learned that they were very polite. I was surprised when I heard the name of the person who was the president of Pakistan—the guy was my old friend!

2050 was really a damn exciting year! I started to love this time because the technology was highly developed. Flying cars were invented; however, there were only a few in the air because they were expensive. The flying cars had no tires, but instead their bottom surface was flat and made of a South-pole magnet. There were special roads also made of S-pole magnet which repelled the car's bottom surface. This helped the cars to stay in air, flying. There were no workers in factories, malls, local shops and institutes. Now, I thought that really time is a great healer as every thing was controlled by computers and robots. However, humans are responsible for making these robots; therefore manual labor had not completely ended.

But soon I was tired of seeing robots everywhere. It was as if they had taken over our world. What if the human race became extinct? Dr. Gilbert had told me that once I arrived in 2050, I would not want to go back but he was wrong. As I thought about all these things, I decided that I did not want the life in 2050. I wanted to go back to 2010. As I looked at my wrist, I noticed the bracelet that Dr. Gilbert had given me. I press the red button and with a BLINK I was back in my present time. I had a very adventurous travel and I explained all of it to Dr. Gilbert. I was happy now but I think I made a mistake to see what my future held for me. But then again, all's well that ends well.