Thursday, July 29, 2010


By: Jawad Khan

What is inspiration? It is a form of motivation. A person who inspires has great discipline, a healthy way of living and great qualities that have positive effects on your personality and lifestyle.

The only person who has inspired me up until now is my beloved father. I want to be like my father. He is, no doubt, very hardworking and very sincere with his duties since the time he joined his profession and was appointed as MCO. But through his hard work, honesty and punctuality, he climbed up many stairs of success. Now MashAllah, he is a Director. He is not only the best in his professional life but also at his personal life at home.

As a husband, he is very loving, caring, and responsible. As a father, he sometimes becomes a friend and sometimes a cruel leader when we do something wrong. But he becomes my friend when I really need him in some matters of my life. As an uncle, he is very polite and loving that the whole world loves him. As a friend, he is very helpful, sincere and loving; whenever any of his friends need him, he welcomes them with open heart. I wish to have all of the qualities that my father has. In short, I just want to be like my father because I believe he is the most perfect man in every walk of life.

My father some how knows that I love him so much and want to be like him—that’s why he guides me in my daily life. He teaches me how to tackle every hardship and how to deal with every matter.

The person who inspires me the most is my father. I want to become like my father. Which qualities inspire me? The qualities of my father that inspire me are helpful, responsible, and respectful. Does my father know that I look up to him? And yes, my father some how knows that I love him so much and want to be like him...

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