Thursday, July 29, 2010

Like A Chain

BY: Ali Raza

What is a family? A family is that in which all members live their lives with love, respect and are joined together like a chain. This chain is maintained by the head of the family but it is not necessary to have a head of the family. The head may be a male and female. Each and every family has different duties, procedures, a way of living, and discipline; for example, some are vegetarian while some are non-vegetarian. So, everyone is different from one another. In families, there is much fighting but also a lot of love. I have also a family.

Who am I and what do I do? I am a boy and I study in class 9th at the Al-Imtiaz Academy. My name is Ali Raza Khan and I was born in Abbottabad in the autumn season. Abbottabad is situated in northern Pakistan. It is a beautiful valley with moderate climate but it has not been observed in the passed three to five years. The temperature is rising day by day, and Abbottabad is turning into Venus. We should help the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to keep our climate and temperature steady by growing a large amount of trees and plants to avoiding global warming. I also grow trees and plants in my garden.

I have three future goals. First, to become an A.M.C. officer; second, to become an I.S.I. officer; and lastly, to become a cricketer. It is not as easy as it looks but I will try my best to reach them. My future goals seem easy; however, I must remember to cut my coat according to my clothes and not built castles in the air. I have six family members.

My family comprises of six members: grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, little mother, and me. I have no siblings, so sometimes I feel alone. However, sometimes it is good to have no siblings because without them there is no fighting, and especially no sharing. But when I see boys playing or talking with their siblings, I feel bad because, I, too, want to share my sorrows, feelings, happiness, wonderful moments of my life, and my life secrets with someone.

All my family members well-educated and graduated. My grandfather was a teacher and a professor. He has taught economics to the candidates for 22 years, He was also in the Air Force for 17 years and worked in the army factory for 3 years as well. He worked for 42 years total in his lifetime! My uncle has studied from Army Burn Hall College and he’s a gold medalist. He is a pediatrics doctor. He is a teaching the future young doctors in NIMS Hospital. He spends his free time studying. My mother teaches English and math in Government School. All my all family members are established in well-organized professions. I, too, am hardworking and studious; I am the chip off the old block.

I like to eat fruits, pulses, wheat, oats, grains and some vegetables. I don’t like to eat lots of vegetables as compared to others. I like to study, play and watch T.V. in my leisure time. I like to play cricket, football, and computer games.. My favorite games on computer are IGI, Vice City, San Andreas and Gun. Sometimes, I like to chat on Internet and mobile. I enjoy bicycling in good weather. I am a devout Muslim who prays five times a day and observes fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

In order to maintain a family, there must be a routine. For example, family members should try to have breakfast at the same time, say their prayers, recite the Holy Quran, observe fast during Ramadan, have evening tea at same time, and dinner at the same time. Family members must also discuss one another’s problems and try to solve them. In a household, duties should be divided equally. Every member should be responsible for completing some chore. We all should live with peace, loyalty, honesty, love and a caring mind; this is one way family members join in a chain.

A family is that in which all the members are grouped together in order to maintain peace, love, and discipline to avoid fighting. The expenditures should be proportional to the average income to avoid poverty and to bring prosperity. I have a very well-educated family. My family is of great importance to me because they are very intelligent, intellectual, helpful, loyal, lovable and caring. So, I love my family very much and I don't want to lose it in any condition. One who has a family must give respect, obey rules and regulations and give them importance for being together forever. If there is ever an argument in a family, then one should apologize for his mistakes and be honest because honesty is the best policy. This is how a family will be healthy and successful. I can give up anything for my family.


  1. gud attempt raza..and very nicely written.gud @mehreen

  2. //I, too, want to share my sorrows, feelings, happiness, wonderful moments of my life, and my life secrets with someone.//

    very nice Raza.....!
    painfull line....