Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Still Remember My Father's Slap

By: Muhammad Maaz Jadoon

I am one of the most intelligent and talented boys in my class because I always gain first position in my class. All my teachers like me.

My name is Muhammad Maaz Jadoon. I was born in Abbottabad on May 25, 1995. I am 15 years old. I am in 8th class at the Al-Imtiaz Academy.

I have been studying at the Al-Imtiaz Academy since nursery. It is located on Mansehra Road in Abbottabad. My school has well-furnished class rooms, libraries, laboratories, a computer lab and a spacious principal office. My school building is as beautiful as Taj Mahal. The principal of my school is well-disciplinarian.

I have many friends in school, but my best friend is Ubaid. He is also intelligent like me. When he advises me not to tell lies, but is a liar himself, it is as if the pot is talking to the kettle. So, instead, I advise him not to tell lies. In spite of that, we are still best friends and spend time together. We play cricket in our extra time. I am a very good player just like Inzamam-Ul- Haq, famous cricketer on the Pakistani team. I play shots like Inzamam so I think I am the chip off the old block.

I want to be a better person—a person with character qualities like Prophet Muhammad (SA W). I want to seek knowledge which will make me better. Every single person should strive for the character qualities of Muhammad (SAW).

I want to be an engineer in future because my mother and my brothers inspire me to do so.

Close relatives that are grouped together are called a family. There are eight members in my family including me: four brothers and two sisters, my mother and my father. My younger brother is in 3rd class and my eldest brother is doing his MBA. Like me, my brother is an Einstein in math class. I am closest to my mother because whenever I face difficulty she is there to help me. She also inspires me not to tell lies but rather to always speak truth and be honest. My father died of a heart attack in 2000. He was a bank manager. When he died, I was only in nursery class.

My father inspired to be a better person in the future. My father was a bank manager. When my friends look at me, they say I look like my father. My father was an honest man. Once my father slapped me when I told a lie; ever since then, I have never told a lie because I still remember my father's slap. At every stage of my life, I need him with me. But he is no longer with us. I miss him, I miss him so much. I wish he could be with me today, and see the better son that I have become. I still admire my father's characteristics qualities and his personality. His memories will always remain with me.