Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Hiss & Buzz"

By: Umer Rehman

It was a very hot evening of Wednesday 23rd June 1997. A baby was crying in crowded room at the C.M.H Hospital in Abbottbad. That baby was me.

I am no longer a baby; I have grown to be a 13-years-old teenager. I read in class 7th A and I attend the Al-Imtiaz Academy. My family consists of seven members including me: a beloved father, a lovely mother, two elder brothers, one elder and one younger sister. My father’s name is Rehman and he is a banker. My mother’s name is Amina. My elder brother’s are Aftab Bhai and Sajid Bhai. Aftab Bhai is a civil judge in Peshawar and Sajid Bhai is studying Telecommunication in Hazara University. My elder sister, Irum, is studying in class 11th at the Pakistan International Public School (PIPS). My younger sister, Hina, is studying in class 5th at the Al-Imtiaz Academy. I like Aftab Bhai because he is very close to me. I share my problems with him—he is a helper of all the siblings. Sajid Bhai, on the other hand, is very funny. For example, once we were talking with each other, he stood up and said, "Talk quietly, the walls are hearing you," Another time, my father gave him a mobile, and he said that the mobile is as fragile as a mirror. Hina is very lovely and her smile reminds me of Mona Lisa. We live in a beautiful house situated in Kakul Road, Abbottabad. My house is colored in green paint.

My best friend’s name is Taimur. He is very close to me like leaves are to a tree. He is very intelligent and very honest. He has the ability to make many sounds with his mouth, such as “hissss” or “buzzzz.” Taimur and I are studying in same class. In exams, he takes 1st position and I take 3rd position. Sometimes, we do our class work and homework together. We play football near my house. I take pride in my friendship with him.

In addition to spending with Taimur, I enjoy stamp collecting. I became interested in that hobby at the age of eleven. On my eleventh birthday, my friend, Hamza , presented me an album book bearing one hundred beautiful stamps from many countries, including America, China, Oman, England, Germany, Korea, and France. From then on, I started to collect stamps from letters and parcels on my own. My father always gives me a large number of letters and parcels from foreign countries. Through this hobby, I have made a friend overseas. My pen pal, John from America, and I always exchange stamps. On my thirteen birthday, I had over two thousand stamps from over forty foreign countries in my album! I am very proud of my collection.

In my future, I want to be an honest and an intelligent doctor. I became interested in this profession because I get to help the poor and needy. Doctor is a person who treats diseases. There are many diseases and there are different types of doctors that treat different diseases related to different organs of the body. I want to be a surgeon because I want to help save a patient during the last stage of his disease. A surgeon can do miracles. It is very difficult and demanding profession. A good surgeon can make a difference in the lives of many peoples. I would like to be that kind of surgeon in future. InshAllah.


  1. You have a good hobby. I also have a stampbook but not as big as compared to yours.
    good writing.

  2. A very good use of figurative language.

  3. Is your brother a joker???....that's why you are calling him funny.Otherwise good attempt.

    By:Omama siddiqui